Social Media Week: Generating UGC with Instagram

This article was originally written by me for The Platform Blog.

After returning to base our lovely Instagrammers posed with their well deserved prizes

Our Instagram Scavenger Hunt event was flagged as one of the top 5 recommended events for Social Media Week London and it was a great incentive to ensure we made it exceptional, and enjoyable.

We’re great fans of Instagram here and lots of us use it personally but we also recommend it for clients because it tells a story visually, something which is often overlooked when it comes to creating digital assets.

Story telling was one of our objectives for the event; we chose the London Instagram Meetup communityas partners for a scavenger hunt to build a social footprint for us which tells people about where we live in London.  Based on Kingsway, we’re sandwiched between theatreland and the Royal Courts of Justice and surrounded by world famous architecture, statues, landmarks and even chocolate boutiques, so the area is great fodder for photography.

Scavenger hunts are an enduring favourite in the world of social media as they are fun and engaging and also a low-tech form of gamification.  Groups of people are challenged to solve a number of clues against the clock, photograph the answers and post them online.  This works well at events when groups are let loose on the locale for 30 minutes or so and return with a collection of images.  We chose Instagram as the visual platform for our event because it’s a great for producing cool looking images plus it gave the challenge a new edge.

The mechanics of the hunt were simple, sign up and show up.  Entrants were tasked with a 10 stop tour of Covent Garden and Holborn; they were given a series of cryptic clues which they had to solve and once they had, photograph the answer.  There were some really great photos along the way and the winning images were rewarded with prizes including champagne, whiskey and other goodies.  Images were posted on Instagram using our hashtag #SMW_FH with our ‘hunt leader’ monitoring proceedings from back at FH towers.  Prizes were awarded in categories including Best Photo, Fastest Team and Best Team Photo among others, congratulations to our prize winners, dianakakkarigerslondonef61,lesscherryshinesquadarturring, and onemanand.

From a UGC perspective, the activity delivered really well; 12 people joined the event and within one hour we had over 120 high quality images, tagged and posted on instagram.  This shows that getting great fresh content just needs the right ingredients to do it successfully.

Our key thoughts on what those ingredients to create successful UGC activity are:

– set your objectives and desired outcomes

– choose your platform and understand how to make it work best for you

– create a strong theme and publicise the event

– work with established social communities

– create a short burst of activity for maximum impact

– incentivise if you can and reward entrants with social recognition (tweets, likes  and so on)

– amplify content across your own digital and social channels

And finally, here are some of the images collected on the scavenger journey around WC2.

A huge thank you to all of our enthusiastic Instagrammers for contributing to such a fantastic event, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Top tips for a new Instagram

This article was originally written by me on The Platform Blog.

As an avid, but amateur, photographer, Instagram was like a dream come true when it hit the app store in late-2010 as an iPhone-only service. It gave me, and millions of others, a chance to share our creations like never before.


Alongside individuals, Instagram has given brands and corporate organisations a fabulous opportunity to exploit a social media channel with a huge audience reach and instant share-ability across existing Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Fast forward 21 months to the present day and the Instagram machine tells a completely different story. It now has over 50 million users and over 1 billion photos uploaded in total (that’s over 5 million every single day).

However, there have been four major developments that have dramatically changed the Instagram offering; but for better or worse?

  • Instagrammers can now login to their account and access photos via the web, a functionality that should, in theory, increase the likelihood of ‘likes’ and comments. With a website refresh, and a transfer to a Tumblr blogging format, Instagram is attempting to appeal to the mainstream, but we’ll soon find out whether this suits their dedicated hipster-army in time.
  • For all the community managers out there, Hootsuite have announced that they’ve added Instagram (and Slideshare) to their list of social networks. This means we can now line-up our photos (pre-tagged, of course) and post them at an optimum time of day. But does this mean that the ‘perfect’ time, deemed when most users are online, will now become a saturated mess and have a white-noise effect?
  • For those that like their privacy settings on, they might be concerned to know that Instagram recently had a few issues with data and that a mysterious ‘bug’ infiltrated the servers to expose everything – private or not. In the spirit of being sociable, transparency is a key issue online – but it’d be nice to have a choice, right?
  • And finally, it seems that some of the most popular #tags have been deleted by Instagram with no official announcement made as to why. This is long been a tactic by those of us who crave ‘likes’ to use common hashtags in our posts, to build resonance with our creations. But now #iPhone, #iPhone4, #Instagram and the like have all been removed. My guess is that it’s to do with the sudden influx of Android users in an attempt to level the playing field, perhaps? Or a Facebook decision…

However, as a long-term user, I can see the wider value of Instagram. It’s my platform to share my visual thoughts. It’s also a great way for brands and corporate organisations to engage and connect with a creative audience in a new environment. Exciting, powerful stuff.

Here’s one of my favourite IG photos, would love to see some of yours. I’m @bnfx on Instagram!

When sharing gets real, it gets viral… but why?

Following my post about the viral video experience, I experienced the full force of a piece of my content going ‘viral’ (in a small way, anyway).


Here’s the link: AMAZING TWEET.

Key stats:
85 – the number of RTs in a day
18 – the number of favourites
12 – the number of @replies about this
10 – the number of new followers

Now, can someone tell me what it is about this tweet? This far outweighs most things I’ve ever said outside the realms of Facebook.

The most obvious reasoning for this would be… timing. It’s the 13th February after all, exactly 24 hours before St. Valentine’s Day, so this sounds like a strong factor.

I sent the tweet at about 10am, hardly UK prime time, but this is Twitter and somewhere in the World, someone is awake!

Could it be that my tweet was hilariously funny? Unlikely. I’ve sent a few updates today that I thought were equally as cynically side-splitting, but to no avail; Exhibit [A] and [B].

Whatever the reason, this has definitely made me think about how I use my own social media. I’ve already started this with my Instagram account, employing a few basics; my average interactions (likes or comments) has increased from 5.1 per photo to 25.6.

The tweet, created in my office in London, has now travelled all over the Globe; Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, USA, Kenya, Canada, Australia, Finland.

What has this taught me? Don’t be boring, speak my mind, say what I think but do everything intelligently. As always 😉

Instagram photography in the snow

During a recent trip to Brussels (Belgium), I was lucky enough to to visit Tervuren Park on the outskirts of the City. At the time, most of Brussels was covered in heavy snow and the park was no different.

Tervuren is also home to The Royal Museum for Central Africa – definitely worth checking out!

Hope you like the photos, let’s connect on Instagram.

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With a new year comes new opportunities to shine…

With a new year comes new opportunities to shine. That’s what I’ve been thinking about over the holiday season. Saying that, I haven’t thought of any New Year’s resolutions, and probably won’t. But I really love the feeling I get when a fresh year begins.

I can remember the countdown to 2000; stood on the riverbank of the Thames and watching the fireworks unfold. I remember the Y2K meltdown that was supposed to have ended the Earth [never happened – shocker!], the Millennium Dome [now the O2 Arena] that sprung up and The London Eye [However for me, the most iconic parts of a city will always have organic characteristics; i.e. South Bank culture].

In the Year 2000, not to be confused with the Year 3000, I was 16. Well, 16 and a half. I’d finished my GCSEs [do they still exist?] 6 months earlier, and had just started adapting to life at Sir George Monoux College. Those were weird days. The kind of days where I thought music compilations like ‘Cream Anthems‘ were amazing and dressing like a 60 year old businessman were ‘cool’.

Thinking back to those days, they seem like literally minutes ago. The Year 2000 seems like a few years ago anyway; but 12 years? No way, it can’t be can it? Oh shit, it was.

And now, in the Year 2012 [despite what the Mayans might say], we have another year and a chance to start afresh. Not with everything, but with some things, and that main thing for me will be my new role as a Social Media Consultant at Fishburn Hedges. I also want to be closer with my parents, something I’ve avoided since nineteen-ninty-something, and really get to know them. I want to look at my life and external circumstances with more positivity. Finally, I want to be a better friend to those around me and, hopefully, meet a few new people along the way.

We’ve also got the European Championships in Poland/Ukraine, as well as the Olympics in London [super proud] to look forward to!

I think that’s it for now. And I was saying that I didn’t have any New Year’s resolutions… Lie!

Do you have anything you would like to change? New Year’s resolutions? Desires for the New Year? Or would you love for everything just to stay the same?

p.s. Look back at the picture at the top. I wonder how the 1’s decided which one was going and staying. Also, maybe the two 2’s from 2012 will battle it out next year. Weird, no?

Instagram photography in 2011

This year I finally got an iPhone, and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. There are some great apps, like FIFA12, Whatsapp, Viber, Angry Birds, Snapseed etc.

However, my favourite is Instagram and I wanted to share some photos that I’ve taken/edited. Have a look at the slideshow…

Do you have a favourite?

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I can be found on Instagram by searching ‘bnfx’… [duh!]