When sharing gets real, it gets viral… but why?

Following my post about the viral video experience, I experienced the full force of a piece of my content going ‘viral’ (in a small way, anyway).


Here’s the link: AMAZING TWEET.

Key stats:
85 – the number of RTs in a day
18 – the number of favourites
12 – the number of @replies about this
10 – the number of new followers

Now, can someone tell me what it is about this tweet? This far outweighs most things I’ve ever said outside the realms of Facebook.

The most obvious reasoning for this would be… timing. It’s the 13th February after all, exactly 24 hours before St. Valentine’s Day, so this sounds like a strong factor.

I sent the tweet at about 10am, hardly UK prime time, but this is Twitter and somewhere in the World, someone is awake!

Could it be that my tweet was hilariously funny? Unlikely. I’ve sent a few updates today that I thought were equally as cynically side-splitting, but to no avail; Exhibit [A] and [B].

Whatever the reason, this has definitely made me think about how I use my own social media. I’ve already started this with my Instagram account, employing a few basics; my average interactions (likes or comments) has increased from 5.1 per photo to 25.6.

The tweet, created in my office in London, has now travelled all over the Globe; Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, USA, Kenya, Canada, Australia, Finland.

What has this taught me? Don’t be boring, speak my mind, say what I think but do everything intelligently. As always 😉


Where can I go in 2012?

In 2011, I was lucky enough to visit a number of amazing places throughout Europe.

In Belgium, I went to Brussels, Bruges, Gent and Antwerp. In Germany, I spent a day in Aachen, mostly at the Lindt Factory, and four days in the very cultural Cologne. In Spain, I was lucky enough to visit Madrid and Marbella in the Summer heat. And on my birthday, I went travelling in Luxembourg. I even saw a couple of hours of Paris!

So what’s next? What’s going on in 2012?


I’ve already got firm plans to go to Berlin for a few days at the start of April. I’ll definitely be re-visiting Madrid and Marbella. I’m so excited by the overnight train to Copenhagen. The hot springs in Iceland look amazing, so spirtual. And I’d love to go skiing, either in Andorra or Germany. Plus, there’s even talk about doing a three-pronged trip to Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

And I can’t fucking wait…!!

Hat-tip goes to Eurostar for always being great. Such an easy service, always reliable and the staff are superb. Let’s hope they’re even better this year.

What’s your dream destination? Where are you travelling this year?