Comparing the digital performance of the Olympic 2012 sponsors

This article was originally written by me for The Platform Blog.

Every fortnight at Fishburn Hedges, we hear from two FH-ers who tell us why they love a campaign, a website, a product or a piece of work.

This week was the turn of Director Judith Moore and I (Social Media Consultant Ben Fox), who focused on the Olympic Games and how brands and corporate organisations have creatively crafted communications around the events.

Sociagility and the Olympic sponsor comparisons

Sporting activity aside, there are 25 corporate brands powering the 3-week tournament with various sponsorship deals – all using social media in different way to improve their corporate reputation both in the UK and globally.

Sociagility have pulled together a remarkably intelligent tool that measures the impact (and ultimately success) of the sponsors within owned social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the corporate website.

The software used focuses on 5 key attributes of each brand in relativity to their performance online; popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network reach and trust. At present, Coca-Cola, Adidas, British Airways, Visa and EDF Energy are the top performers, but looking to the near future, the data suggests that Cadbury, General Electric and P&G have the greatest potential for improvement as the Olympic Games develop.

Stand-out campaign

British Airways really grabbed our attention with their #HomeAdvantage online hub. Beautifully simple, but technically brilliant, the campaign website is a perfect example of ‘mass personalisation’.

The concept of an aeroplane moving through the streets of London doesn’t sound particularly innovative on the surface. But putting your postcode into the campaign website transforms this perception as a giant BA plane moves through your street and past your house.

It’s proved a fantastic way for the aviation brand to connect with their audience through a unique experience and encapsulate the positivity associated with flying and the Olympic Games, as well as being virally shareable.

Even better for BA is the resonance that this campaign overall is generating on Twitter – triggering thousands of tweets.

More great campaigns

A neat summary of Olympic 2012 campaigns can be found in this blog post, commending the likes of Samsung, Panasonic, P&G and Visa for their efforts.


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