Where can I go in 2012?

In 2011, I was lucky enough to visit a number of amazing places throughout Europe.

In Belgium, I went to Brussels, Bruges, Gent and Antwerp. In Germany, I spent a day in Aachen, mostly at the Lindt Factory, and four days in the very cultural Cologne. In Spain, I was lucky enough to visit Madrid and Marbella in the Summer heat. And on my birthday, I went travelling in Luxembourg. I even saw a couple of hours of Paris!

So what’s next? What’s going on in 2012?


I’ve already got firm plans to go to Berlin for a few days at the start of April. I’ll definitely be re-visiting Madrid and Marbella. I’m so excited by the overnight train to Copenhagen. The hot springs in Iceland look amazing, so spirtual. And I’d love to go skiing, either in Andorra or Germany. Plus, there’s even talk about doing a three-pronged trip to Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

And I can’t fucking wait…!!

Hat-tip goes to Eurostar for always being great. Such an easy service, always reliable and the staff are superb. Let’s hope they’re even better this year.

What’s your dream destination? Where are you travelling this year?


6 thoughts on “Where can I go in 2012?

  1. Hi Ben,
    If you are looking for more places to go I would HIGHLY recommend the Greek Islands (it is absolutely amazing).You should also check out Rome (so much to explore) Switzerland, Lyon, Nice and you must go back to Paris.
    I have also heard that Croatia and Turkey are the new hot spots of Europe. Haven’t been, but would like to. You should also come over to Australia, we have some AMAZING things here to see (just ask Oprah, she loves Oz heheh) it is however a little far from London (approx 24 hour flight)
    I haven’t made any travel plans for 2012 yet, however top of the list is Japan, New Zealand and China. Still not sure which part of the world I should go to. My ultimate dream destination is Eqypt and Brazil, will need to keep saving for these. Have you been to any of these places?
    Lena 🙂

    • Lena, these all sound amazing! I hear great things about Croatia too, some amazing scenery and unexplored areas,… although after watching Hostel they may remain unseen by me for a while!

      Egypt is also historically awesome, and Brazil would be great during party season!

      You’ve been to London right? You need to come back and explore!!

      Oz would be superb, but yes… the flight is a bit long for me I’m afraid!

      • Dont worry about the Oz flight – you can break it up or just ride it through… It’s WORTH IT!! Promise.

  2. Croatia is amazing – give it a go. We went to Hvar which is possible one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

    I hear Bulgaria is awesome for skiing and cheap and there are some brilliant festivals in Poland and Serbia if that tickles your fancy over the summer.

    Slovenia is apparently a wonderful place to visit: friendly, cheap, less touristy etc.

    Italy is always a winner – Napoli, Puglia and Roma are my favourites.


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